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Types of Dental Fillings

At Belton Healthy Smiles, we use the latest in preventative and diagnostic techniques to help you avoid some of the most common dental conditions, such as dental caries (decay).

Dental caries occurs because bacteria grow on excessive plaque or food residue on your teeth. Bacteria create an acidic environment that eats away at your protective tooth enamel. Once bacteria reach the inner, softer dentin of your tooth, their presence can cause extensive damage, pain, sensitivity, and even tooth loss, if not treated.

We use dental fillings to restore your tooth back to its normal form and function after damage from decay or breakage. Dr. Ian Kuklenski will remove all of the decay from your tooth before repairing it again with filling material. We utilize a variety of different materials to restore your teeth. Composite (tooth-colored fillings) and amalgam (silver fillings) are the two most common types of dental fillings.

Once Dr. Kuklenski completes a full dental exam, he can recommend the treatment that will provide you with the greatest function, comfort, and longevity. We will also discuss your preferences and try to meet any of your aesthetic wishes, as well.

Composite (Tooth-Colored Fillings)

Composite restorations are made of resin and are specifically color-matched to your tooth to give a natural appearance. They are a great way to fix small fractures and restore mid-size fillings, especially in front teeth. These types of restorations are not usually as strong as amalgam restorations, and we do not typically recommend them if you need an especially large filling or when we cannot keep the area dry while working because moisture may cause your filling to fail. 

Amalgam (Silver Fillings) 

Dental amalgam is composed of a mixture of metals (silver, tin, copper, and mercury) and has a silver appearance. While amalgam does contain mercury, multiple studies have found that it is a safe, stable, and effective material for filling dental cavities. The benefit of amalgam restorations is that they are more inexpensive than other materials and last a very long time. 

Dental Bonding 

Do you have a small chip or gap you would like repaired? We can use the same composite material that we use for fillings to make small repairs to your teeth. Bonding is an affordable and easy way to take care of minor damage. It is convenient, and we can usually complete the procedure in one visit. 

Another benefit of dental bonding is that it preserves the structure of your tooth, adding to your existing structure to repair or improve the appearance of your teeth.

Call Us for an Evaluation Today

Do you suspect you need a filling? Call our Belton, MO dental office and Dr. Kuklenski can examine your teeth and share what he finds. He is both compassionate and gentle, and our patients really appreciate the care they receive at our office. 

We look forward to restoring the health of your smile.

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