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You Don't Have To Be Afraid of a Root Canal

Sometimes when we diagnose a tooth and recommend a root canal for our patients, they express concern that the procedure will hurt or be traumatic in some way. In most cases, however, root canals do not cause any more pain than any other dental procedure. We take precautions to ensure that you feel numb and comfortable. In most cases, patients report feeling significantly better after their root canal therapy.

Root Canal Symptoms

People associate root canal procedures with pain because the symptoms can be quite dramatic. Symptoms can include sensitivity to hot and cold, discomfort with biting, a pimple-like lesion on your gums, swelling of your gums or face, pain, and a bad taste in your mouth. In some instances, your tooth may not have any symptoms at all despite the damage to the nerve. We may see an infection on an x-ray or discover it at your routine exam.

What Causes the Need for a Root Canal?

Sometimes a large filling, deep cavity, cracked tooth, or trauma can cause a tooth’s pulp to become irritated or damaged. In some cases, a tooth may require a root canal with no prior warning.

If you start to experience any of these symptoms, call us for an evaluation right away. Often times, pain from a damaged nerve can worsen over time and create severe discomfort if not treated in a timely fashion.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Before we begin any work at Belton Healthy Smiles, we make sure you will feel completely relaxed and comfortable for your appointment. We will use an anesthetic and have nitrous oxide available if you feel anxious about your treatment. Root canal treatment involves cleaning out the infected nerve canals of your tooth, disinfecting the canals, and then filling them up with a particular material to seal out bacteria.

We are incredibly gentle, and with the help of precision instruments and the latest techniques, you should remain pain-free during your procedure. 

Will I Need a Dental Crown? 

In many cases, we do recommend a dental crown to protect your tooth. Because we removed the nerve and pulp from your tooth’s chambers, it may become brittle and be more susceptible to fractures. In those cases, especially if it is a molar used for chewing, we might recommend a crown. In other cases, a filling could be enough to protect your tooth. Dr. Kuklenski will let you know your treatment options and the benefits of each during your exam.

Call Us to Find Out if You Need Root Canal Treatment

Are you experiencing one or more of the symptoms listed above? Call us, and our helpful team can schedule you for an exam with Dr. Ian Kuklenski so he can determine your treatment needs. The entire team at our Belton, MO, dental office looks forward to helping you achieve optimum health through quality dentistry.

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