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Replacing Missing Teeth With A Dental Bridge

 Adult teeth may be lost due to a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons can be advanced periodontal disease, trauma or decay. Whatever the reason, missing teeth can cause other problems and even embarrassment. If they are not replaced, your other teeth can drift out of position in that area of your mouth can become susceptible to gum disease or decay of the surrounding teeth.

A bridge is a restorative structure that is used to replace missing teeth. A bridge normally consist of one or more false teeth that are held in place by fixtures that attach to the surrounding teeth.

There are two types of bridges. One is called a fixed bridge and the other is a removable bridge. Fixed bridges are cemented into place and cannot be taken out while partials are not permanently attached and can be removed it night for cleaning purposes.

A bridge can dramatically improve the overall appearance of your teeth that have gone missing do to decay, trauma or extractions. The materials that are used to make a bridge can be matched in color to your natural teeth and at the same time provide structural support.

Removable Partial

A removable partial denture consist of an artificial tooth or teeth that have small attachments on either side and they are anchored to the teeth beside it. This type of denture is removable and can be taken out and cleaned and then put back in. The attachments on the partial can be made of metal or other flexible material that blends into the surrounding areas of your mouth.

Procedure For A Fixed Bridge

The teeth on either side of the empty space must be prepped in order to receive the crowns of the bridge. Then an impression will be taken of the whole area which includes the missing area and the two teeth next to it. This impression is then sent to a lab and a bridge is custom designed to fit comfortably in your mouth. Just as with the placement of a crown a temporary bridge will be put in place to protect your teeth and gums while the restoration is being constructed.

If you have missing teeth, a fixed bridge may be a great solution for you. Give our office a call today and set up an appointment and let’s see if a bridge is the right solution for fixing your missing teeth.

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