Dental Emergencies Belton MO

Dental Emergencies Happen At Unexpected Times and We Are Here To Help

Our team at Belton Healthy Smiles is here for all of your dental needs – regular or unexpected. While we aim to minimize your need for emergency care, sometimes life provides us with unforeseen surprises. Whether it is tooth pain, swelling, an accidental broken tooth, or any other issue, we want to make your comfort our top priority. Even if we’ve never had the pleasure of treating you before, we want to make sure that you feel welcome and well cared for. Please give our office a call and we will try to get you in as soon as possible. 

Some common dental emergencies include:

Tooth Pain

Do you know which tooth or area is the source of your discomfort? Does biting cause the pain to worsen? Are you sensitive to hot and cold beverages? This information will help us diagnose your problem. Be sure to share any details about your pain with us when you call so we can do our best to prepare properly for your appointment.

Swelling of Your Gums or Face

An abscess of the gums or swelling of your tissues or your face could indicate an infection. Your condition could worsen without treatment. Infections affect the health of your entire body and can have system-wide repercussions. Additionally, the longer you wait to treat an infection, the greater risk you create for tooth loss.

Lost Fillings or Crowns

If you lose or break a filling, we can temporize or replace the restoration for you. If your crown or temporary crown falls off, please save it so that we can try to re-cement it. If we cannot use the crown again, we will make sure to get your tooth stabilized and comfortable.  

Broken or Chipped Teeth 

Did a tooth suddenly chip or you feel that you might have cracked one? Please let us know and we will make you an appointment to repair the tooth or diagnose and stabilize the problem

Lost or Loosened Teeth Due to Trauma 

For a knocked-out adult tooth, it is essential to keep your tooth moist at all times. Gently rinse it off with water and try placing it back into the socket without touching the root surface. If that is not possible, keep the tooth in milk and give us a call right away. We may be able to save the tooth if we see you soon enough after the incident. If you suffer trauma and feel that your teeth have become loose, gently rinse with warm water to cleanse the area and use a cold compress to reduce pain and swelling. Give us a call as soon as possible.

Object Stuck in Your Mouth or Teeth

For any objects stuck in your mouth, try to gently remove it with dental floss or your toothbrush. Using other sharp instruments could cause further damage or injury, so please give us a call so we can help.

Call Us for Your Dental Emergencies

When in doubt, always give us a call. We will help you determine if an emergency visit is necessary. At our Belton dental office, we welcome current and new patients to call us for dental emergencies. We are conveniently located for residents of Raymore, as well.

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